Micro Shoots: 15 Minutes and Plenty of Images!

Sometimes, even a 30 minute mini shoot feels like too much. Maybe you have a newborn, a squirmy pet, or you just hate being in front of the camera. Introducing: the micro shoot!

In just 15 minutes in a small, local park (in this case, the small yet mighty Gammans Park in beautiful Arbor Lodge within North Portland, Oregon) we get a variety of photos with different family configurations, backgrounds, activities, candids, and posed portraits.

This newly expanded family wanted photos of them hanging out in their local park with their eldest daughter and new perfect little baby. Within 15 minutes, we got dozens of beautiful shots of the whole family, individuals, and each parent with their kiddos. The wide variety of backgrounds within one city block makes it look like an all day photoshoot without our portrait subjects needing to trek around or miss a single snack time.

It was so much fun to capture this brief moment in their family, and laugh along with their silly antics!

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