The Art of a Mini Session

portrait photography

My mini sessions are just 15 minutes in a single location. Sometimes it’s very difficult for potential clients to conceptualize just how full 15 minutes can be. Whether the photoshoot is for businesses, families, couples, maternity, engagement, newborn, or anything else – two things are true: you can get a wildly diverse group of photos that are multifunctional, AND fifteen minutes is an eternity to look at a camera.

My latest mini session was a couple that has been together for 14 years, and has never had professional photographs taken. They eloped without the hassle of pros and now live long distance while she finishes her PhD. While he came into PDX for a visit, they decided to meet up with me for a photo session. We captured some posed images, candids, and even headshots in 15 minutes that flew by.

This photoshoot was in Cathedral City Park in North Portland, OR. We not only got fall colors, but some beautiful autumn blossoms and the architecturally impressive arches of the St. John’s Bridge.

Also, check out the colors on these two. This is how you coordinate without matching! We had fun chatting about potential outfits ahead of this shoot

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